Half Earth Mama, Half Businesswoman

I love them both
I love gardening, making art, hiking, dancing, breathing in the sunlight, swimming (naked, if possible) in a river, laying out under the stars.

And I love crafting a message, fulfilling a need, building a business, and building a business opportunity for others.

I need business
Without a business to work on, I get a little too soft, my mind weakens, I feel like I don’t understand what’s going on in the world or how to participate.

My businesses have caused me to learn Instagram, YouTube, SquareSpace, WordPress, PayPal, Stripe, Kartra, Square, Da Vinci Resolve (for video editing), Slack, FaceTime, Signal, Asana, and going way back, was the reason I learned Excel, PowerPoint, and Google Drive.

Over the years I have grown so much.
I’ve hosted a telesummit, I got over my self-consciousness enough to post 70 videos for my old business, learned to sell face-to-face to strangers, and got 5 products sold in every Whole Foods in my region. I became a professional Amazon seller, promoting and building 4 brands to successful sales levels.

I need food, art, & the outdoors
And all that is exhilarating, curiosity-inducing, keeps my brain fresh, and makes me a little money ~ to spend on art supplies!  But then I need to get out on the earth, feeling the sun and the wind and the rain, watch things grow in the garden, eat a freshly-picked plum, swim in the river, walk in the woods with the dogs, cook delicious and nourishing wholesome food, and laugh with friends around a campfire (with or without drums) to really feel like a human.

This website is about feeling like a human.

I make videos about things I paint, native Vermont fruit trees in our mini-orchard, hikes, transformations of “junk” from the dump, what I cook and eat, juicing, my keto way of eating, and general joy.

My Instagram also highlights photos of all these, but because photos are so much simpler and faster than video, there’s more volume there. Here it’s more crafted.

I do also include some links to Amazon and eBay products, just for the fun of it. And if I can ever get stuff I’ve made up onto Etsy, I’ll link there too.

Do you have a “work-side” or “business-side” that you need to balance in the same way?

If so, does this sound like fun? Inspiring? Does it make you want to plant, or paint, or dance? Let’s have some fun together!

Lisa, Your Live Yummy Yumbassador

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