Starting a Juice Fast to Fight COPD

Have you ever had a persistent cough?

I have. A few years ago, I was stuck on the couch for four entire months, coughing, gagging, having a hard time breathing, and only comfortable in certain positions. I felt unsafe, unstable, uncertain, and terrified.

They gave me prescriptions to fight off anything it could possibly be: pneumonia, strep, asthma, and on down the list. We tried inhalers, nebulizers, steamy showers, peppermint/eucalyptus/tea tree oil, cough drops, cough syrups with and without codeine, even an antibiotic in case it was some weird bacteria.

None of them worked, though many of them helped some. I was scared to cough, and scared to not cough. I came to understand the coining of the phrase, “coughed up a lung”.

Finally, four months into it, with no apparent end in sight, I got up off the couch, and started juicing fresh vegetables and fruits. I took in only juice (and various meds). Four days later it was gone. Vanished. Like nothing had ever happened. It went from 60 to 0 seemingly overnight.

So when to my shock it started up again this year, I saw my great doc, and she gave me the clear-lungs thumbs up. She said it’s a virus, lots of folx have had it this winter, it lasts a while, and it will go away. I had no joint pain, no fever, no aches, no sign of bacterial infection, no sign of covid-19.

When it hit six weeks, I decided I’d had enough. She offered me an antibiotic, in case it was an “atypical bacteria”, and I said, “I’d like to wait a bit, and do a juice fast, and see if it clears up.”

So here I start. Day one.

Your Yumbassador,

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