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have a posse for support

Have You Got a Posse?

Do you have a supportive posse? To help you create ethical, flexible, life-changing income? I was
best way to sell on amazon - flexible, ethical, profitable

Business Training for Flexible, Ethical Income

In 2012 I started selling on Amazon because I knew it was going to be the
flourish prosperity thrive burst joy business full growth

9 Ways to Flourish ~ Even in this Mess

A year ago we had challenges. But we also laughed out loud at cookouts and hugged
Ethical is doing the right thing, even when nobody's watching

Ethical – Doing the Right Thing, Even When Nobody’s Watching

An ethical person does the right thing, even when no one is looking. What does that
why you don't have an online income yet

Why You Don’t Have an Online Income (Yet)

Of course you don’t have an online business yet.  There are at least three really good
Business lessons from the forest

Get Outside Every Day for Inspiration

Z Seekers finds you a path forward creating a profitable, ethical online business

Book a 60-Minute Personalized Roadmap Session

Would you like to be able to say this? And mean it? I’ve got a Personal

So many capable women are discouraged

Lately I’ve had a lot of conversations with women who are done. Their jobs are bleak,

Why Z Seekers?

Why Z Seekers? I’ve been asked repeatedly what’s behind this name. First, why the Z? The