Get Outside Every Day for Inspiration

Get outside every day for inspiration, awe and wonder Z Seekers

Get outside every day for inspiration!

Truly, I find that in all kinds of weather, I get inspired by being outside. Don’t you?

Get outside every day for inspiration

There’s a part of me that only wants to go out when it’s 70-80 degrees and sunny, barefoot in the grass and garden. 

But the truth is, a cold windy day is incredibly refreshing. It makes me bundle up and keep moving, and that’s good for my circulation and my overall health.

And a rainy day can be very stimulating to my creativity. My understanding is that the negative ions created by the rain hitting the ground (similar to being in a shower, or waterfall) triggers something in the body and mind that puts us in a place to have new ideas, new insights, new perspectives. 

I guess all those waterfall pictures are attractive to us for a reason!

Whatever the weather, let’s all get outside today, as a break when we’re inside a lot, to appreciate nature as a meditation,  to heal from painful failures, for help answering life’s biggest questions (like whether or not to have kids), so we can get our nourishment from the garden,

aronia berries

and just to have fun.

Let’s get outside every day for inspiration!

Yummily yours,
Lisa Johnson, Yumbassador
Live Yummy