Keto Review: Parm Crisps Snack Mix

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Keto Review: Parm Crisps Snack Mix

I saw this Parm Crisps Snack Mix on Amazon, and I thought I would give it a try. I’m always up for trying a new keto snack, especially something that might be crunchy!

See my video review below.

First, I have to admit, I saw the “Parm Crisps” part, and the “snack mix” part didn’t even register with me. I saw the images of the nuts, but somehow… I just wanted that crunch of the crisps so badly that I imagined it was a whole bag of crisps!

As is turns out, it has parm crisps in it, plus pistachios, almonds, and cashews. It’s a pretty hefty 11+ ounces for a good value, so I ordered a bag.

Parm Crisps Snack Mix nutritional infoI took a look at the nutritionals first, of course, and saw that there’s 4g total carbs in a serving, minus the 2g of dietary fiber, for a net carb of 2g per serving. Plus the ingredients are really clean, too, which just doesn’t happen all the time with keto.

* However, I will mention, some folks don’t eat cashews on keto. Plus, the cashews appear to be roasted with some amount of sunflower oil. I don’t usually use anything but butter, coconut oil, great olive oil, grapeseed oil, and avocado oil, but I’m assuming it’s a small amount here and moving forward. I’ve been eating keto for a couple of years, and I love all the veggies, the clean eating, nutrient dense berries, how great I feel overall, and I just don’t personally worry about a tiny bit of oil in a snack that’s overall really helpful for me. 

Parm Crisps Snack Mix ingredients listingWhen I got the bag, I was surprised how dense and heavy it felt. I guess I thought the crisps were *made with* nuts… I didn’t really get til I opened the bag that there are nuts IN the snack mix, so I’m laughing at myself for missing that fact.

Anyway, they’re all nuts I like, so it’s all good. The bag says to shake it well first, but the images you see in the video are with me NOT shaking the bag. I wanted to see how it just came out naturally first.

I’ve never been much of a Chex Party Mix girl before trying keto, but I’m glad I gave these a shot. They are really crunchy! And that’s the reason I’m glad to have this. I don’t know about you, but I really, really miss the crunch of chips from my pre-keto life! And this isn’t just fluffy crunch – it’s nutrient dense crunch. I love anything that’s keto + crunchy.

The packaging is great, the taste is great, the quality is fresh, and things seem honest to me.

I thought it was made by the folks that make Whisps, but it’s from That’s How We Roll, a company I’ve never heard of before. On their website, they don’t even mention this snack mix, just their different flavors of straight-up Parm Crisps. I’ll try those too, but for now I’m happy with this. It’s the kind of snack I’ll keep in my glove box in my car for those times when I’m out later than I thought and need a good keto snack.

For me, it rates a 9/10.

Here’s my video review of the Parm Crisps Snack Mix:
Keto Review: Parm Crisps Snack Mix, by Live Yummy

* Obviously, not medical advice.

Have you tried them? What do you think?
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