Love for Jack Lazor at Butterworks Farm in Vermont

I want to express my love for Jack Lazor at Butterworks Farm in Vermont.

Jack Lazor of Butterworks Farm

In the mid-eighties I started working at, then running, Upper Valley Food Coop. It was ironic, because several years earlier I had stumbled in there and whispered to my friend as we saw all the buckets (literal white 5-gallon buckets) of beans and rice, “Look at all this food, and there’s nothin’ to eat!”

Anyway, I had by then had the life-altering natural foods experiences and now loved this little coop.

By far, the most transformative food experience of all (and there were a lot for me as I moved from McD living to salads and beans and grass-fed) was tasting Butterworks yogurt.

Every week I would feel it was my honor to call in the Butterworks order, while Anne patiently listened. Jack was an invisible mystical figure to me… until the NOFA conferences and Grass Farmers’ conferences where I started to see him.

Being just a coop manager and not educated enough to be a farmer, I didn’t bother him with chitchat from me… I have always felt so much reverence for him and all he and Anne have achieved… almost star-struck…

Finally one day I got to tell him how much a staple their yogurt has been not only in my physical, hungering, life… but in my feeling of wealth, and ecstasy – I mean, the MAPLE!  And how they exploded my understanding of what is possible in this world – I mean, the MAPLE!  And the wheat they were growing in VERMONT … and the cream… and the expansive thinking.

I don’t know if it mattered to you, Jack, but it sure mattered to me, to be able to tell you how incredibly grateful I am to have been the beneficiary of your ingenuity all these years. You have spent a lifetime giving us all you know and can dream up. I hope we have given you enough in return.

Yummily yours,
Lisa Johnson, Yumbassador
Live Yummy

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