I Can’t Keep This Hidden Any Longer

I can't keep this business side of myself hidden any longer - I need to share it with you!

I realized the other day that I am truly half Earth Mama and half Businesswoman. 

I talk and show pics, videos, etc of my food/art/outdoors/love/gardening side, but almost never talk about my business side.

I’m inviting you into my business side.

I love being in business. I love seeing people take part in the marketplace, and bring their values with them, especially when the intent is to serve. I love learning more, always strengthening my skills and understanding. 

I really especially love helping women grow their businesses so they can support their families and communities. That really motivates me.

If you’re a personal friend, you may know about the salsa company I started (and closed, sadly), but you probably don’t know about the rest of it. 

Right now as life and the economy are going through these massive shifts, I realize I can’t keep this part of my life hidden any more. 

You may be a friend of mine that needs to look for a new gig. Or needs/wants to use this down time to build something for the future. I can’t in good conscience keep this to myself, knowing a friend might benefit.

Half Creative, Half Business ~ Where the creative part of me overlaps with the business part of me, that's where I love to live! I invite you to join me there.

Again, I never really talk about this stuff, because most of my friends are of the same Earth Mama school of thought, and maybe don’t really appreciate or value marketing skills. 

But I have become fairly good at marketing. I love finding a great product, and introducing it to others. That’s how I think of it. 

I’ve promoted a Vermont mom-and-son team making homemade high-end dog treats to benefit developmental growth among teens, a high school friend’s home business of fabulous emoji wall decals, and US-made temporary tattoos that are completely safe for the skin… and even my own sweet potato salsas. I’ve never once in my life marketed anything I didn’t feel great about, and I never will.

But now what I work on are going to be almost entirely online business opportunities, along with some physical products. 

I know that idea scares some people, but what I’ve seen is this: for a small manufacturer or specialty producer, there is no marketplace in the world like the internet. Never before in history has it been possible to reach so many people who want what you have. 

And when small producers make more money (especially, the research shows, when those makers are women), the world benefits. 

Marketing is how I change the world. It’s what I can do, my small contribution to making the world better, because I use it only for good.

And despite the fact that I love downtown businesses, and of course continue to support and love them as much as I’m able and allowed to right now, there is no denying that buying remotely, learning remotely, and sharing info remotely is an essential part of our lives now, and will only be more so day by day.

Most of what I’ve found in that world – the world of internet sales and marketing – makes me feel sick. At the light end, a lot just isn’t skillfully done, and at the dark end, it’s manipulative, cheating, scamming, scheming liars. I’ve left online groups feeling like… well, like I stayed too long at the frat party and where’s my friend. 

So, it took time to find my people. The ones who have ethics, who don’t cheat anyone, who want people to be successful, who don’t care about being in the boys’ club (who in fact don’t get invited, cuz they call out other guys’ sleazy behavior). 

The best part is, they’re also the best.

The absolute, world-class, best of the best at what they do.

It’s this tag-team of two guys. I’ve been following this one guy for almost ten years. He doesn’t really like people, he’s not slick. He’s kind of a wonderful private introvert who extroverts himself to help us all.  Someone who can find the way to communicate anything to anyone. He has a raucous laugh. He creates with insights like I’ve never seen . I think that is his superpower. Truly, he’s a wonder. His style isn’t my style, but I constantly learn from him because he really knows this stuff. 

And his partner is the software geek who is also committed to customer service as the center of all roads. Together they make the perfect team.

And I’m part of their posse now, because everyone knows they’re the best in the world, so we get opportunities I could  never lasso on my own. I want to leverage what we can get ahold of, for the people I know. 

Because my friends are the kind of people I want to see running successful internet businesses. My friends have ethics, know how to care, know right from wrong, want to make the world a better place. And, like these two guys, y’all are really smart and capable, strong and resilient, intellectually curious and driven to do a great job at whatever you undertake. 


Half Creative & Half Businesswoman - I need both! I invite you to the party


If this isn’t for you, that’s cool. I know you, and you’re probably already doing something that’s amazing in ten different ways. Go get ’em!

If this sounds like it might be useful to you, let’s talk. Will you comment here, or email me? [Lisa@ZSeekers.com] 

I’d like to know what you want, what’s not working, what you need right now, what you’re hoping for in your life. Maybe what I’m exploring next can help. 

Love to all of you,