Baby’s Initials on Onesie

It’s time to get a gift for the baby shower, so you want to make it special, unique, colorful, fun … something the parents will really love. How about a personalized onesie with the baby’s first initial?

colorful rainbow letter s on baby onesie - perfect for baby shower gift


Order quick and easy through Red Bubble. Pick your size and style.

Find babies’ and children’s clothes including onesies, hoodies, t-shirts, and even masks.

And beyond kids’ clothes, you can also get your own initials or favorite letter on a water bottle, adult t-shirt, hoodie, iPad cover, phone case, dress, even bath mats! ¬†Give one to yourself and wear yours to the baby shower, too.

We also have the rest of the alphabet, plus names, words “hope”, “joy”, and “love”, and “friends” and “adventure”, with so much more to come. Then, soon, you’ll be able to order customized names.

Thanks for your support!

Lisa Johnson, Yumbassador
Live Yummy