Tired of Losing Money in Bitcoin? Ready to Win at Crypto?

the secret to bitcoin and crypto

I have never seen anything like this.

My mentors have never seen anything like this, and they’ve broken pretty much every internet sales record there is.

[pausing to try to find words]

I wasn’t in on the wild west phase of the internet. I was off somewhere picking apples and living in the communal vegetarian bunkhouse, or something like that. I was waaaay off the radar for that stuff at that time.So I don’t know if this is an apt comparison, but this time right now is starting to feel like that. 

An entirely new field opening up, that’s going to disrupt and rock everything people know and everything people do, that hasn’t been fully explored, but it’s the 2nd wave of the beginning stages, so the super early adopters already jumped in.

And now it’s time for the more cautious but smart and energetic 2nd-wave-early-adopters to show up and make this real.

And make a ton of money doing it.

That’s you and me.

Risk risk risk. No promises. Past performance is not a guarantee of future results. All of that. 100%.


When have you ever seen 100 people in a pre-beta group, test something out for a year and 100% of them make money? 

A LOT of money.

I can’t wait:

* to give you the replay ~ Here it is

* to hear what you think after you watch the replay

* to see you jump on this once-in-a-lifetime chance for life-changing income

* and for class to actually start on June 14

I come from humble stock. Honestly, I have never had an opportunity like this before. 

For generational wealth creation so far beyond what I’ve ever been able to imagine.

The creator of this plan is pretty much the revered grandpa, the Yoda, the Obiwan of my industry. He is the predictor, the one who has called it over and over and been right every time. He is always on the scary front edge, ahead of everyone else.

And this time he’s there again.

After years of making millions and losing millions at crypto (his plus other people’s!), he has now made himself millions in crypto through a highly labor intensive process he built, to profit NOT from “buy low, sell high” (which would require that Bitcoin keeps appreciating in value and doesn’t drop), but to profit from the very volatility that is assured with something so new and revolutionary.

Understand? That means that when it jumps up in value, he wins. and when it drops in value, he wins. 
Do you get this? He wins because of its volatility. The very thing that keeps most people (smartly) from buying it! Because “buy low, sell high” is great for calm, relatively stable markets. But with something this crazy volatile, that strategy will break you. It’s breaking a lot of regular people right now. Daily.

So his labor-intensive gig worked gangbusters, but it was so much work! And he did what he always does: he created a way to automate it using only his brain, tons of trial and error, and some existing, off-the-shelf software. The man is brilliant, and he works with other brilliant people, and now there’s something like 100 people using his strategy to make money whichever way Bitcoin or Etherium or whatever other coin is going.

When you pull up this replay, please stop everything and watch it immediately. You are going to see right in front of you people making 10% return in a couple weeks. And so much more. And I want this for you.


A couple of things I can tell you right now you’ll need to know, to take advantage of this:


1. the training is straightforward enough that the majority of it is in one sitting, so you can get right going – he doesn’t do fluff

2. access to his private training costs $2500 (all at once, or 3x$1000)

3. there are absolutely no refunds of this program

4. the people in the pre-beta each paid $10K to get in and he had a mile-long wait list – he taught them one-on-one or something – this is now moving to beta, meaning it’s becoming a real training but it’s not all polished up and a fully structured training yet, there will be some bumps and pimples in the process, but it’s a fraction of the price it will be by the end of the year when he launches the polished version

5. the ongoing cost of the software will be about $50-100/month, depending on the complexity you choose which I think is based on the amount you have to invest

6. you will need an absolute bare-bones minimum of $3000 to invest, and he says the ideal is $6500+ to start (he then goes on to say that people then immediately want to put in more because in a day they have already seen results) – this needs to be money you can completely afford to 100% lose because no matter what the past results have been, everything to do with investing in anything is a complete risk – do NOT put your rent money in this!

7. the biggest problem he runs into is that people then want to DO something about it, and he wants you to just LEAVE IT. don’t meddle, don’t fuss, don’t try to improve, don’t do anything. Just leave it and watch.


Dan says it all much better, I’m just trying to prepare you.

Now go watch this replay, so you have time to make a thoughtful decision before the deadline!

Bitcoin up? Bitcoin down? Doesn't matter... Dan Hollings will still make you money