Tired of Losing Money in Bitcoin? Ready to Win at Crypto?

the secret to bitcoin and crypto


I have never seen anything like this, and I’ve been in business nearly my whole life.

My mentors have never seen anything like this, and they’ve broken pretty much every internet sales record there is.

[pausing to try to find words]

If you’re already buying cryptocurrency, you are probably trying to buy low and hoping to sell high.

You’re probably also losing money. Because that kind of “Is it going up or down? Black or red?” gambling is no way to invest like a grown-up.

Most people in crypto lose money.  Are you tired of losing money yet?

To give you a spoiler: 

When have you ever seen 100 people take a training, practice what they learn for a year and 100% of them make money? 

That NEVER happens.

But it has happened with The Plan. Now there are thousands of us, in over 140 countries, and counting.


Here’s your invitation to the free intro training. It opens again at the end of April.

I hope you will look this over, hear from my colleagues, and see if this approach – calm, thoughtful, smart, grounded investing – is for you.

Meanwhile, you can get on the list and I’ll notify you the moment it opens up.

I come from humble stock. Honestly, I never had an opportunity like this before. 

For an investment strategy that has the capacity to create this level of generational wealth.

The creator of The Plan predicted the rise of mobile, way before anyone else.

And this time he’s an early adopter again.

After making money in crypto “the easy way” (meaning guessing and gambling), the market turned and he lost it all.  He was so frustrated, he took his background in coding and hunkered down for a couple of years to “crack the code” of crypto. 

He has now made himself millions by creating a calm, smart, grounded, highly labor-intensive process, to profit NOT from “buy low, sell high” (which would require that Bitcoin keeps appreciating in value and never drops), but to profit from the very volatility that is assured with something so new and revolutionary.

Understand? That means that when it jumps up in value, we win. and when it drops in value, we win. 

Do you get this? “Buy low, sell high” is great for relatively stable markets. But with something as volatile as crypto, that gambling attitude will break you. It’s like taking your riding lawn mower onto the freeway – the wrong tool for the job.


In The Plan, we win because of crypto’s volatility, the one thing you can count on for cryptocurrencies right now. 


This labor-intensive gig worked gangbusters, so he created a way to automate it and offer it as a training. Thousands of us are now using his strategy to make money like adults do, through a solid investing plan with tested strategies.

Please sign up to hear and see what an opportunity this is, and how it works. You’ll get to meet the creator of The Plan. You’ll get to see right in front of you people making returns within a few minutes. It’s the method that puts red/black gambling and guessing to rest.


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This is a new and risky area, and I am not claiming that YOU will make money. Like any other investment, you can lose 100% of what you invest in crypto. You are responsible for your own financial future. Only invest what you can afford to lose. And always do your own research.


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