Have You Got a Posse?

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Do you have a supportive posse?

To help you create ethical, flexible, life-changing income?

I was doing it alone, listening to every webinar that came along, trying this, trying that, spending money $997+ at a time, on video trainings, event trainings, virtual summit trainings, you name it, I tried it.

 A lot of programs are pitched as, “we’re in it together,” but then why doesn’t it feel like that?  Instead it often felt like I could sink or swim, based on my skill and “commitment”.

It’s hard to keep inspired when you’re promised big things, but mostly left alone to figure it out. When the only big thing is the massive dollars coming out of your bank account – some mentorship programs cost thousands of dollars a month, and still just don’t seem to deliver.

Then I found the community I’m in now.

We truly have each other’s backs.

There are a few hundred of us, in the best digital business mastermind in the world.

With a couple of digital marketing experts leading us, an entire staff team supporting us, 6 fabulous mentors inspiring us, and all of us sharing skills and resources with each other daily.

Posse Plus

We have multiple dynamic mentoring sessions every week.

We also have access to the best trainings in the world, to offer for sale.

And so much of the marketing and tech is done for us, it feels like I have my own private outsourced tech team.

All this with the kind of ethics and integrity most people only dream about.

We are living this dream, and every so often we get to invite people in.

Consider this your invitation…

Get info by hitting the orange button, where you can listen to the kind of thinking that helps us all win.

Email me with any questions at all: Lisa <at> ZSeekers.com

So many capable women are discouraged

The Truth for Women

Lately I’ve had a lot of conversations with women who are done. Their jobs are bleak, desolate places where the pay is scant, the demands are ratcheting up, confusion reigns, and the wrong things seem to be driving everything.

These are smart, capable, brilliant women who — if I were managing a staff — I would hire in an instant. 

How is it, I keep wondering, that these talented people feel so discouraged and lost? And what can we do about it?

I believe the amazing, brilliant, capable, ethical women I know will make the internet world a better place

Why I Want to Get More Women Online

This is what Z Seekers is about for me. 

I know the online marketing world has a pretty sleazy reputation… well-deserved, if you ask me. Sometimes when I spend time in internet marketing circles I get that creepy feeling, like I’m suddenly at the frat house basement party, wondering if my missing friend is okay. It feels slimy and selfish and greedy, and like no one is safe.

But there are other people among the internet who are classy, ethical, brilliant, and creative. And profitable. I know some of those people. I only work with these people. They give me hope and a lot of inspiration.

Another thing I’ve noticed is that the online business world is mostly made up of men.

Now, men are great. At least the men I know. Really great, and I’m privileged to know them. 

But it’s my particular interest to bring more women into the internet marketing world, because I want women to benefit from this frontier as well, and because I believe the amazing, brilliant, capable, ethical women I know will make the internet world a better place. 

I hope you will join us and tell me how I can help.