We Are Going to Blow Your Mind About Pinterest

We are going to Blow Your Mind About Pinterest - Z Seekers
Hey, Lisa Johnson here, your Seeker at ZSeekers. I’m here today to invite you to a new free training, (Register Here to join us Monday Nov 30, 2pm eastern) and you won’t believe what it’s about. We are going to blow your minds about how much we’ve been missing the boat on Pinterest.
Now, if you’re at all like me — and it turns out 80% of us do this — you use Pinterest as a sort of search engine for ideas: recipes, home improvements, designs, garden design, health and wellness… Now, that’s a fine way to use Pinterest. But, as it turns out, if that’s all we’re doing, we’re not getting anywhere near Pinterest’s potential! If you run a business of any kind — a product or a service — so that includes: * plumber * real estate agent * store (bricks & mortar, Amazon, or any other platform) * musician * artist (whether you already sell a lot, or haven’t yet sold anything but want to) * dentist * manufacturer * builder * graphic designer * editor * speaker * author * or offer literally ANY product or service… … if you run any kind of business and are not using Pinterest to market yourself and find your people, you are missing out! And I know that because I’ve been missing out, too! Haha, who knew!?  Well, I know now, and I want to invite you to join this training so you can learn more! For example, here’s how we often start using social media when we create a business: 1. Create a facebook business page 2. Put up a post 3. Wait 4. and… nothing. Maybe we even write blog posts, make videos, etc. and connect them all to our facebook business page. Still nothing. You know why? Because facebook wants you to buy ads. They’re not going to promote our business pages for nothing, so we need to buy ads to get seen. UGH. And more importantly, even if our post does get seen, it has a half-life of only 90 MINUTES!  After that hour and a half, it’s gone down the rabbit hole. But with Pinterest, a pin’s half-life is 3 1/2 MONTHS!   MONTHS! So with proper training, you can create the perfect kind of pin for your type of business, and it can be out there for you working day and night for months, and even years, helping the people who need you, to find their way to you and your website, and your solutions to their problems. Everyone wins. So please join us at this free workshop to learn more about unleashing this mind-blowing power of Pinterest. Register Here: https://clk10.net/475e35f7 The training is Mon Nov 30, 2pm eastern time (but click even after then – we may offer a replay) It’s free to register, free to attend! You’re my guest, and I can’t wait to see you there. If you run a business, and you’re not using Pinterest to promote and market it, we can do so much more. Let’s do more together. See you there! Lisa Johnson, Seeker ZSeekers.com