Kate Ahl’s Pinterest Updates from Side Hustle Show

Updates to Pinterest in 2021 according to Kate Ahl at SimplePinMedia.com on Nick Loper's Side Hustle Show

Pinterest is always changing and updating. Kate Ahl from SimplePinMedia.com showed up with Nick Loper on Side Hustle Show recently, and highlighted these important updates for Pinterest. 

She covered three main topic areas: video, stories, and shop integration, plus some bonus tips. 

Follow and be inspired by Nick here. 


Video Pins

* Short, “poppy” videos are everything now. Less than 1:30, for example a showcase of products, especially if the response will be, “Ohh, what a great idea!” In 2020, video views increased by 800%. Make short snippets like a teaser, to get people to go to your website.

* Go vertical. 2:3 formats are working. Try a static image on the bottom of the pin, with a video moving on the top ~ and this trick allows you to leverage that horizontal video footage you already made.

* To save video creation time, now there are a lot of apps to make video easily on the phone. One example is Jumprope.

* Opening slide can be a Did you know… question with a surprising/obscure open and a attention-grabbing 2nd point. Keep it a quick intense video to grab them to your website.

* Always have a call to action at the end – P users are trained to click on the image, but on a video that will stop the play. So be sure to have a CTA at the end of the video like, “Go to XYZ.com to learn more” in case they can’t see how to click on the link at the title. 

* Video is the way Pinterest is moving to trying to keep people on the app rather than moving off so much.

* As always, when first pinning an image/video, always make sure to first pin to the most relevant board.

* And when pinning video, Kate suggests pinning it from inside the P app, because the scheduling tools aren’t always grabbing the right title screen.

* DIY and food videos are doing really well on P, because people want to see how it’s done in a short-form video. She also shows short PDF’s they offer. Tutorials are going to hold people for longer than other topics, so some niches will perform better.

* P will boost your first few videos more than your future videos.

* Podcast snippets can work great, though P doesn’t autoplay sound. 

* Kate is of the opinion that video is still so new, there’s plenty of room to grow here. 


Story Pins

* The differences between P stories and IG stories? P users don’t really care about your life. So your story must be engaging to the viewer.  It’s not about US ~ it’s about THEM. Plus, the P story pins don’t disappear the way IG stories do, making all the effort much more worthwhile.

* The title card needs to pique curiosity, the slides need to keep it, and the end needs the CTA aiming for your website. Kate highly recommends asking people what to search for (example: “Z Seekers and elderberry vs aronia”, and this can really increase Google love as people click on you after that search).

* One of her most popular static pins was How to Clean Up Your P Board, so they repurposed it into a story pin, getting 400 saves. So she recommends taking your top performing static pins and recreating them into story pins, to build on the popularity the subject already has. Borrow that performing keyword to benefit your new video pin.

* “People aren’t naturally gravitating toward story pins or video pins, because they don’t know they’re there.” People start seeing them after they click on one.

* On mobile, P adds a different last slide in a story pin, so always check the mobile version of your story pin.

* Kate recommends <10 pins a day, even <5 / day now. So, with a new major content piece, she recommends repurposing it into 3-4 story pins, and a video pin, and “one amazing” static pin, rather than 20 static pins, because only the first static pin counts as “fresh content”, not the following 19.

* For seasonal posts, go back to them before that holiday to refresh them. Create a new story pin for your most popular older posts.



* P has a trends tool with seasonality leads: Trends.Pinterest.com is a reasonable equivalent to keywords on Google. Also, take the link at bottom to 2021 predictions.

* P does read the words on pins, so be sure the text on the pin follows the text in the title.



* People are seeing more people in Google Analytics coming to a website from the P profile page, which is totally new. So go to your profile and make sure it’s up to date!

* You can make a short video for the profile page as a high level overview of the business, with a CTA for taking next step.



* Kate uses her analytics to learn: Where are the outbound clicks, how long are they on the page, and how will we reinvolve with them?

* Nick points out that his best performing outbound-click pins aren’t necessarily the most attractive pins, ones he’s most proud of.

* Kate’s monthly analysis, using the “Pins created in the last 30 days” button – Before clicking it, she sees what their most dependable, ugly, older pins are that are sending the most traffic over time – then figures out a way to add an affiliate link or other income generator to that post.  Then she clicks on the 30 days box, to see how the newer pins are performing. Then write another related piece of content about those topics. Her how-to’s tend to do best, so they often create connected content. Nick had some list-style posts that did well, so he can make story pins out of those.

* IT’S ALL ABOUT CURIOSITY on the part of the viewer.

* Use arrows, use boxes in pins, and teaser text that really intrigues people. “Get the guide”, “Shop now”, “Read more”, “Learn more”, “Peek inside”, “Register now” for example.

* Faces are fine, depending on the niche, esp fashion – people want to see the whole outfit. So use faces where it makes sense to deliver the info. But ~ they’re looking for something they can save for the end of their day, and your life isn’t it.  So in your story, don’t make it about your face.

* Tailwind: new integration with Create, so you can make the pin inside T. Also, Canva Pro has a scheduling tool integrated now. Planaly and Later also schedule for both P & IG.  She uses Canva and Tailwind and hasn’t seen a difference in manual or T pinning, but is investigating the question of: If putting out a bunch of pins isn’t as important now, is a scheduling tool still necessary?  She thinks it may not be, but feels that she wouldn’t do P if she had to pin the existing material out into the future manually.


Shop Integration

* P going big into shipping integration. 

* In 2021, P is going to do a lot with shopping integration by having product sellers add a tag to the website. Start paying attention to this now if you’re selling things, and expect it to increase over the next 6 months or so.

* If you’re sending people to a cart, Conversion Insight will be very helpful. 

* Verified merchant program has uploaded catalog thru P, with Shopify, then you get the blue check. Means all the inventory refreshes every day without you manually updating pin pricing. Some people having trouble getting approved: need a privacy/shipping/return policy in place, some vague reasons it hasn’t gone through. P does not want to be a checkout service ~ they will keep sending people to your website. Search “verified merchant program” for steps. Kate warns, just know it has been really bumpy at the beginning.


Promoted Pins

* Kate says make sure you can measure results if you’re going to start with promoted pins. Look at what types of products other people are promoting. She doesn’t recommend promoted pins just for general traffic, but does use it to get people into an ecosystem, then presents a low-ticket offer right away, so they can measure results.


Kate’s #1 Tip

Compare only to your own business, not other people’s. Don’t get distracted. Keep your head down and serve people the best you can.


I took a look at Kate’s website, and was particularly moved by her pin portfolio. See what inspires you here. Her agency offers done-for-you services at various levels.

I also appreciate how Side Hustle’s Pinterest account has a clear design feel. My pins are nowhere near as themed, so there’s an example for you of very different styles.

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