Wiggling Our Way to Profits :: Crypto for Grown-Ups

You Can Win at Crypto Because You're a Grown-up ~ Adults Know how to be Calm, Patient Investors

The Plan

I want to give you access to a revolutionary training on cryptocurrencies, called The Plan. 

I started out doubtful and skittish

I didn’t want to learn about crypto. It sounded like something rich, bored irresponsible boys play with.

But a bunch of my grown, adult friends were making money and saying it wasn’t hard or sleazy. So I decided to give it a try.

Ignore the hype

Because I was new at cryptocurrencies, this training is great.

I can just ignore gaming, NFT’s, day-trading, de-fi, leveraged tokens, and any of the other hype around crypto.

The course took me step by step through ONLY what I need to know, so I can make a sound investment, then go get on with my life.

This course is perfect for you if ...

You’re a grown-up who’s busy living your life.

You don’t want to be attached to a laptop all day, frantically day-trading?  Perfect for you.

You don’t want to gamble your house on casino-level chances?  Yes, then this is for you.

Don’t want to burn the world down for a fast buck?  This is perfect for you.

If you are looking for a scheme, or an inside tip on the next risky “moonshot” coin, this is NOT FOR YOU.

If you’re determined to wade through endless hours of random YouTube videos because you demand free training, go for it! There’s no end to the free content, and no end to the time it takes.

If you want FOCUS on the precise info you need, delivered in a LOGICAL format, step by step, so you can make the most of your time and energy, this is the perfect training for you.

Play money


I am so glad there is a demo mode in the program we use, to practice all the motions and get familiar with the way things work, well before putting in real money.

II started out playing and loving it.

It was play money for me, but those demo bots showed me what really happens when putting in real money. I got to follow along silently, watching, evaluating.

Then 7 days later ...

I’m no financial advisor. Far from it.

I’m just a grownup who has access to some of the best digital trainings anywhere.

So I’m not promising you any of this. Heck, I can’t even promise it will stay this way for me.

But in my little experiment, I made $1115 of straight demo-bot profits, in a total of 7 days. That’s an 8% return in 7 days. Given that our bank’s money market pays us .05% A YEAR, this is more than 8000 TIMES the interest percentage our bank paid us last year.

During those same 7 days the crypto market took a big dip, and a LOT of people lost their shirts. But not me. Because I have a plan.

What that means in real terms

how i made profits on my crypto while the market tanked

Coulda been you

After I bought the coins, the market tanked. A lot of the people in the big world ran out of the room screaming, and sold in panic. I held on, as The Plan instructs, and waited.

Now, most Bitcoin investors can only make money when the coin increases in market value, and they sell. The problem with that is ::

1. You have no control over the market so it can go down as easily as up, and

2. You have to sell your whole asset to earn the profits. Ugh.


While the market was singing high and low and high and low, and everyone else was panicking, I did my dishes, made some art, took my daughter driving (she was on the verge of getting her license, so this time together was especially precious, because I knew we may spend very little time together in the car ever again). I lived my life.

The stated market value went up and down and up and down.

What was chaos for everyone else was dollar bills for me. Because I’m not alone, I’m a grown-up, and I have a Plan. A solid plan.

I mean, look at our friend here.

While our demo bots were performing for us (and I was FaceTiming my older daughter, comforting her as she stressed through college midterms), this poor guy and millions more who are trying to apply old rules to this new reality, lost out. He fell for a scam artist, didn’t have a community, sold during a low streak, and now feels like a failure. I see this every day with people out there cowboying it.

Not only did my bots make money, but I didn’t have to obsess about anything. I got to do the things that are most important to me. Isn’t that the whole point? The freedom to live our lives without being chained to anything all day?

I wish I could get all of these sad people to The Plan, the very thing I can give you access to again at the end of April.

Copying his homework

Because Dan Hollings is the uber-nerd who did all the work, it’s so much easier for us.

In school, kids always wanted to copy my homework, because I did the work.

Now, I am delighted to be someone who benefits from the crypto market like a grown-up, without having to “drink the kool-aid”. 

I don’t make crypto my way of life. 

I don’t obsess over the latest trendy pixellated piece of “art” selling for millions. I don’t  need or want any of that.

 I am totally happy to copy the homework of Dan Hollings, a guy who has spent years, millions of dollars, and tens of thousands of tests to come up with the answer to investing in solid crypto coins like a grown-up. I don’t even mind paying him for his “homework”, because it gives me the chance to make so much more.

You are not crazy, not alone

If you decide to go this way, I will sit with you every week on zoom until you feel confident. I’m connected to a big group of people doing exactly this same thing.

You aren’t alone, you aren’t crazy for considering this, you actually have a chance here, and I hope you take it

Click on one of the buttons above ~ get ready for the free intro session at the end of April!

Lisa Johnson, Z Seekers

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