Have You Got a Posse?

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Do you have a supportive posse?

To help you create ethical, flexible, life-changing income?

I was doing it alone, listening to every webinar that came along, trying this, trying that, spending money $997+ at a time, on video trainings, event trainings, virtual summit trainings, you name it, I tried it.

 A lot of programs are pitched as, “we’re in it together,” but then why doesn’t it feel like that?  Instead it often felt like I could sink or swim, based on my skill and “commitment”.

It’s hard to keep inspired when every month new people are added to the facebook group asking the same questions. When you don’t have much access to the guru, so you’re scrambling to stay inspired and informed and focused the rest of the month. When the massive dollars are coming out of your bank account – some mentorship and affiliate programs cost thousands of dollars a month! – and all you get is recorded sessions from a couple of years ago.

Then I found the posse I’m in now.

We truly have each other’s backs.

There are a few hundred of us, with a couple of affiliate marketing experts leading us, an entire staff team supporting us, 6 fabulous mentors inspiring us, and all of us sharing skills and resources with each other daily.

Posse Plus

We have multiple dynamic mentoring sessions every week.

We also have access to the best trainings in the world, to offer for sale.

And so much of the marketing and tech is done for us, it feels like I have my own private outsourced tech team.

All this with the kind of ethics and integrity most people only dream about.

We are living this dream, and every so often we get to invite people in.

Consider this your invitation…

Get info by hitting the red button, and email me with any questions at all: Lisa <at> ZSeekers.com