Which of These 4 “Entrepreneur Types” Are You?

Which of these 4 “Entrepreneur Types” are you?

Take this quiz to find out now:

1. You have products you want people to know about.  Really great products, and if only people knew how great they are, they’d surely buy them!

2. You offer a service, something that’s valuable, beneficial, really worthwhile. And if only people knew and could understand, you just know it can help them.

3. Or you teach a course, or offer a membership, or coaching, or a training, where you can offer truly transformational change to people. You just know, from experience, that you can make a real difference in people’s lives. But how do you get them to try it?

4. You want to be one of the above people, but aren’t sure what direction to even go in. What do people really need, and how can you feel confident about what to start offering? Then, how will you find the people who want it?

Ooo! Ooo! I just thought of a number 5. You’re a marketing director for a business you love and respect, and are just itching to let more people know about it.


Got your number? 

Your Quiz Results: Depending on your number, you are a:

1 – Ready Retailer

2 – Heroic Helper

3 – Caring Coach

4 – Confused & Curious

5 – Willing Worker


Now, whichever number you are, you’re ready to hear more about what that means about you, aren’t you?

And can you imagine, if your customer took a quiz like this, and was then primed to hear more about themselves, how much easier it would be for you to offer them the exact right solution? 


I think the reason you may struggle when trying to “sell things” is because we tend to do it all backwards.

We design what we want to make, then we try to find the people who want and need it. 

We know what we want to say in our “marketing”, our “sales pitch”… and we say it, scream it, wish we could grab people by the shoulders and “convince them” 

But no one’s listening.

They’re busy, they have lives, they’re doing other things. They’re thinking about themselves all day, not sitting around waiting to find out what you’re up to so they can run right out to use your thing.

Quizzes ~ or Assessments ~ are the best way I’ve seen to turn your approach on its head, to give you insider information about where your exact right customers are, and build from there.



Because humans love to think about ourselves, and a good quiz is entirely that.

Because taking a quiz about ourselves lights up all the feel-good hormones, so we actually do it.

Because it’s fun. Things that feel good + are about “me” = that’s what we do.


Your customers don’t randomly go on the websites of local businesses and see if you’ve written up something interesting. 

No one is scrolling through all their 1000’s of old emails, looking for more information about your thoughts.

They don’t stop everything they’re doing and think about you, and decide to investigate your solar installations, or skin care company, or real estate agency, or car dealership, or jewelry shop, or insurance agency, or pest extermination, or financial consultancy.

They know they could do those things. If they wanted. Maybe. Someday. If they ever have time.

But they don’t.

And they won’t.

Because they’re busy, and worried about their kids and their bank account, and thinking about the repair coming up on the car, and hoping their business holds, and hoping their teens are telling the truth about the thing… 



Until they see a quiz that grabs their attention.

There’s a switch that goes off.


It’s a chance to think about “what type I am” or “what killer mistake I’m making” or “what my score is” in an area they care about.

Now, they’re gripped. It looks fun, and easy. And most important, it’s about ME ME ME ME ME.


This is one of the most important things we can learn in business.



The only thing, and I hope you hear this – the ONLY thing people care about is their own life. Their safety. Their kids. Their jobs. Their homes, transportation, bank account, health, and their sense of themselves as a good person. 

(I’m not cynical. It’s just a truth, and it’s okay. We do many good things for others, and it’s driven by the need to feel good about ourselves as a person who contributes to the good of the world. It’s a great thing to need!)

The minute you understand this, deep down, is the minute you can start to build a business that actually serves people. You can’t need them to care about what you’re doing. You need to build your business ENTIRELY on caring what THEY’RE doing.


So, I recommend this.

Come to this workshop.

Ryan Levesque, who pretty much invented this methodology, will explain the concept to you.

And it will make you want to change your whole approach to marketing.

If this is the only message you ever really get from me, it’s enough.

Because this is the one truth at the foundation of any business.


It’s not about you.

It’s about them.


Now, let’s design all our outreach, communications, and marketing, to reflect that. 



Z Seekers

PS: This is only available til Thursday. So please, register here and a couple of steps later I’ll see you on the training.

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