Need a gift for the woman you love? or any woman in your life who wants more time for creativity?

Escape to Your Creativity is the perfect gift. You can give her 1 week, 4 weeks, or 12 weeks of fun, creative online sessions to explore her personal creativity in a supportive, judgement-free environment with some other like-minded women. (details below)

It’s quick & simple for you. You don’t have to wait for the mail, you don’t have to go out shopping.

1. click on the right size gift:

A small gift ~ $35.00 ~ one session
Escape to Your Creativity Certificate Sample for 1 Session

“I like her” gift ~ $99.00 ~ four sessions
Escape to Your Creativity Certificate Sample - 4 Sessions

“I love her” gift ~ $249.00 ~ twelve sessions
Escape to Your Creativity Certificate Sample - 12 Sessions

2. complete your purchase, include your email
3. get an email from Lisa <at>
4. download your colorful certificate, print & wrap it, and you’re done!

How do you know if it’s the right gift for her?

Does she like creative stuff, like collage, decorating, looking for antiques, painting, sewing, stuff like that?

But she doesn’t get to do it a lot, because of work and family?

Then this is the PERFECT gift for her!

Buy her certificate and you’ll be giving her a dedicated hour every week when she’ll jump online and make some art with us in a fun, easy-going, relaxing setting. (She’ll get an email with all the details)

You love her - show her with an Escape to Creativity!
You love her – show her with an Escape to Creativity!

Got stuff to do? That’s cool, you’re done!
Want more details about the sessions? Read below. 

 * * * 

Who’s behind Escape to Your Creativity?

Hi, my name’s Lisa Johnson, and I’m a mom, gardener, artist, musician, dancer, blogger, and entrepreneur. And I’m not expert at any of them. I love exploring ways to be creative, and I’m always willing to make a fool of myself by jumping into trying something. My key skill is, I don’t need to already be good at something before I’m willing to try it. This openness to doing things badly makes it possible for me to ever do anything well.

I’m a positive, upbeat person and I also see the real struggles of life. I truly love bringing out the soulfulness in any situation.

Some things people have said about me:
“Your optimism is infectious.” -Linda
“You have a professional, kind and joyful presentation.” -Annette
“You inspired me … to do more creative play…” -Sean
“I was inspired by your energy.” -Sue
“It’s so exciting to hear your different ideas… It helps me be motivated to think more creatively.” -Annie
“You have excellent communication skills and personality for engaging people…” -Lizann
“I couldn’t have asked for a better mentor.” -Noah

Let’s have some fun, and give you time to come home to yourself!

 * * *

Escape to Your Creativity gives you:

  • committed time each week where you get to escape

  • support for wherever you are on your personal creative journey

  • a fun, freeing, delightful environment for making something your way

  • no pressure, no judgment, no snooty art-school degree snob-fest where everyone’s looking down their nose at you from on high

  • a chance to make your kind of art, in simple ways, on reclaimed materials you already have at home

  • a loving mentor to help you find your own courage, joy, and creative freedom ~ and maybe a new friend or two along the way

brush and watercolor creative woman

Escape to Your Creativity

You’ll join Escape sessions that’ll lotion up your creative muscles and get your juices flowing. Each one will have some combination of:

Creativity Jumper Cables ~ quick, short activities to get you to stop thinking so much, jump your creativity engine, and just make some dang art

Soul Solutions ~ get immediate and surprising answers to your nagging questions in surprising little art openings

Gift Gala ~ in no time at all you can make a bunch of itsy bitsy gifts to thank your most supportive friends

Hoarders Unite ~ we’ll celebrate and use all that “art stuff” you’ve been hoarding (ahem, “storing”) ~ so now maybe they’ll all leave you alone about the space it takes up!

Keep It, Give It, Trade It, Sell It ~ whatever you decide to do with your creations, we’ll celebrate you ~ you always get to do it your way

blue art supplies woman creates

How it All Works

You choose the level that works best for you, pay for your spot, and I’ll send you a certificate if it’s a gift, and the attendee will get a short little list of what you’ll need to bring. You won’t need to buy a ton of expensive stuff, because we’re going to make art on things you already have around the house – redeeming our “collections” and ourselves at the same time!  Just show up ready for fun. I’ll also record the hour-long remote online sessions in case you miss one or want to watch again. 

The more you want to escape, the less you pay.   

$35 ~ Single Escape Session

Come to one at a time of a random session, $35. 

$99 ~ A Full Escape Month

Plan for a month of Escapes, just $99 for four sessions.

$247 ~ Three Escape Months

Three months of Escapes is even more of a deal, a further $50 discount, just $247 for twelve sessions.

$825 ~ A Year of Twelve Escape Months

And for the Houdini-level Escape Artist, claim your seat at a full year of Escape to Your Creativity.  The cost is not a year at $99/month ($1188). Instead it’s only $825! That is less than half the cost of the single-session rate!

woman wondering
We all deserve time for creativity


think what a better mom you will be when you're inspired
Come get inspired every week!

chalk colors

Some of the nitty-gritty details are below. Please be sure to check that you understand them before signing up, so we keep our happy, joyous, and free spirit together!

Here’s to love & escape hatches,
Lisa Johnson, Yumbassador, Live Yummy

All Escape plans are pre-paid before attendance at our hour-long creativity sessions. Lisa Johnson is a fun, creative soul, with no art-school letters after her name ~ so you’re not gonna earn at art degree here, or qualify for anything official by attending – and you won’t get any “you did it wrong” attitudes, either. This is a supportive, creative opportunity to explore your own abilities in a safe and welcoming space, in a group setting. All sessions will be held remotely, via Zoom or another similar platform. Lisa will conduct all sessions, but in cases of illness, injury, or other emergency, reserves the right to substitute another group leader. Supplies needed will be minimal, and all can be chosen personally based on personal preference.

Course money is non-refundable for sessions already conducted. If you must un-commit yourself from Escape to Your Creativity, please first know that I am running a small-scale business and that decision makes a real impact on my end.

If you give me two weeks’ notice or more, so I may have time to fill your opening, I will refund you for any remaining pre-paid sessions, minus a 15% administration fee. If you withdraw with less than two weeks’ notice, but more than 48 hours’ notice, I will refund you 50% of any remaining pre-paid sessions. Withdrawing with less than 48 hours’ notice forfeits all refunds. In that case, I urge you to benefit from the recordings, even if you are unable to attend in real time. In the end, I want you to make the most of this opportunity to burst open your creativity, and be fairly compensated for what I offer, so let’s work it out, ya?  

A month includes four sessions, regardless of the number of days in the month, and we may need to allow for holiday adjustments. Each month of Escapes gives you access to those consecutive four weeks of sessions, which you may attend or not at your choosing. As long as the technology holds out, I will make recordings of each session, and you may view the recordings of all sessions you are scheduled and pay for.

I really appreciate your interest in juicing up your creativity! I am on a constant quest to do the same, and it will be a privilege to know you. If you have read this far, mention the word “dragonfly” to me in your first group, and I will send you a special gift as a thank you for being so thoughtful and thorough.

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