Imposter syndrome?

You’re an artist because you’re human.

You don’t have to earn your place, get the degree, or starve, to qualify.

Creativity is how we’re wired.

I want to help you claim it.

You can claim your inner artist simply for the purpose of living a yummier life. You’ll have more color and grace and joy and community and inspiration in your every day. Your children will tell stories to their kids about how their mom was always making art, instead of about how their mom was a frustrated artist.

And… we can take it further.

You can become a Creative Business Beast, exploding your art into the world in a way that earns you money, as well.

Who Am I to Offer This to You?

That’s not a headline, it’s a question I really ask myself.

I face every hurdle I listed above: self-doubt, self-recrimination, I-don’t-qualify-cuz-I-don’t-have-an-art-degree, hesitation, neglect of my creative side… I could go on.

I face them and I walk through them.

Because I LOVE how I feel when I make art, and when I share my art, and when someone buys my art.

It completely lights me up inside.

And that makes me a person who walks around, infecting others with my light.

The world NEEDS us to be lit up from the inside.

And making and sharing art is how I get into that place.

So, Who am I?
I’m someone who knows intimately all the reasons to hesitate, ignore, and run from my creative side, and then makes the art anyway.

And I want to help you make the art anyway, too.


I can help you in these ways:

Dip your toe: You can start by just reading any blog posts that move you, and checking out my gallery of “Imposter Art”

Purchase something to give you delight and courage, and as a gift: My gallery shows items for sale through RedBubble, directly from me, on Etsy / eBay / Amazon

Get connected: Join my mailing list, and you’ll get tips, ideas, and invites to free online events. You’ll also get access to Chapter 1 of Creative Business Beast: Unleash Your Creative Goldmine

Jump in with both feet: From time to time I offer courses and groups. If one sounds good, just jump right in! I’ll be delighted to see you.

Send me a question any time. {A: linked to contact page}

Lisa Johnson, Yumbassador
Live Yummy