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fresh vegetable juice fast 2 weeks

Time for a Change – Starting Juice Fast Tomorrow

I saw my doctor today, and it’s not good. All my health markers are going in the wrong direction. Significantly. So we made a plan together.I’m starting a juice fast
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pink apple blossom on harelred apple tree in vermont

Small Fruit Trees in our Backyard – An Update

The other day my friend asked about the small fruit trees we have in our backyard. I’ve been meaning to count them! But when I’m out there I just get
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You have within you the capacity to change - text - on image of monarch caterpillar creating cocoon

Goo to Guru

Big transition. I can feel it coming. I wish it was done already, because this spot is uncomfortable. Why do these things always come at such inconvenient times? (because there
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i enjoy being half creative, half business

Half Creative, Half Businesswoman

I need a balance of business, plus food+art+outdoors to be whole. As a "multipod", or "multipotentialite", I have many interests. Over my 13 years of running businesses, I've grown so much, because my business pushed me to. Over a lifetime of making art, I have unleashed a fun, creative spirit that helps me lift, not lean. And then I need to get out on the earth, feeling the sun and the wind and the rain, do barefoot yoga in the grass, swim in the river, sit with friends at the firepit. Enjoy!
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baby shower gift onesie

Baby Shower Gift: Baby’s Initials on Onesie

It’s time to get a baby shower gift, so you want to make it special, unique, colorful, fun … something the parents will really love. How about a personalized onesie
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Maria Sabina, Mexican healer and Poet - heal yourself river waterfall

You are the Medicine

Today I discovered this advice from Maria Sabina, Mexican healer and poet: “Heal yourself with the light of the sun and the rays of the moon. With the sound of
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We are not all in the same boat quote by Damian Barr

We Are Not All in the Same Boat

I created this today, and put up on Pinterest. It’s a quote from Damian Barr that you have probably seen around a lot on social media these days, but I
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Keto Chocolate Chip Cookies

Test Kitchen: Keto Chocolate Chip Cookies

My family doesn’t eat keto with me, so today there’s a raspberry pie and a bunch of pumpkin bread on the counter. Argh! Keto chocolate chip cookies to the rescue!
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The purpose of life is to enjoy life and help others

Purpose of Life

The purpose of life (despite what we’re told) isn’t to win in constant competition with everyone else. It’s to enjoy our brief lives and to help others. -Lisa Johnson, Z
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Ella's Soccer Diaries - What 7-9 Year Old Girls Learn on the Soccer Team - When Your Friend Hurts Your Feelings COVER PAGE

When Your Friend Hurts Your Feelings

When our friend hurts our feelings, no matter how old we are, it hurts.  But some kids learn early that ^everyone^ goes through this pain, not just her.  We want
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Sweet Potato cookbook - breakfast lunch dinner

Sweet Potatoes for Breakfast

This cookbook makes a bold claim: that sweet potatoes are for breakfast. Granted, it also includes loads of sweet potato lunches, dinners, and desserts. But sweet potatoes for breakfast? Yes,
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Jack Lazor of Butterworks Farm

Love for Jack Lazor at Butterworks Farm in Vermont

I want to express my love for Jack Lazor at Butterworks Farm in Vermont. In the mid-eighties I started working at, then running, Upper Valley Food Coop. It was ironic,
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Business lessons from the forest

Get Outside Every Day for Inspiration

Get outside every day for inspiration! Truly, I find that in all kinds of weather, I get inspired by being outside. Don’t you? There’s a part of me that just
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Keto Review: Parm Crisps Snack Mix, by Live Yummy

Keto Review: Parm Crisps Snack Mix

Hey, Lisa here, your Yumbassador from Live Yummy, with a keto review. I saw this Parm Crisps Snack Mix on Amazon, and I thought I would give it a try.
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Live Yummy paints shoes and hiking boots to add fun and color

Paint Leather Hiking Boots

One way I create a yummy life is to paint my shoes and hiking boots. I got these brown leather hikers at the Listen Center (our local nonprofit thrift stores)
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