Paint Leather Hiking Boots

Live Yummy paints shoes and hiking boots to add fun and color

One way I create a yummy life is to paint my shoes and hiking boots.

I got these brown leather hikers at the Listen Center (our local nonprofit thrift stores) for a few bucks, and though I love brown, they were crying out for a little jazz. Let me show you how I did it:


Have you ever used Angelus Paints?
Do you paint your hiking boots? Or other shoes?
I think it’s the simplest and most fun way to brighten up my life.

Painting took these hiking boots from drab:

Live Yummy plain leather boot to paint




To fab:

Live Yummy paints shoes and hiking boots to add fun and color


Twenty years of painting shoes

I’ve enjoyed painting my shoes and hiking boots for about 20 years now, since back when I had never seen anyone doing that before. Sigh. Ahead of my time, I guess!

But because I used to have just regular acrylic paint, it flaked off easily… but Angelus paints are great, and designed specifically for leather, so I’m much happier using them.

My particular style includes this wild spectacle of spirals. What’s your style? Dainty tulips, just on the toes? Geometric shapes? Polka dots? 

Living yummy to me is all three: food, art, & outdoors

Also, because living yummy to me is all three: food, art, & outdoors, I took breaks from the painting to make a great keto lunch, and then a couple of walks with dogs and a friend while the paint was drying. 

Don’t you find that:
* eating good food makes for better art?
* making art makes for a better mood?
* a better mood makes for better energy to get outdoors?
* getting outdoors makes for a better appetite for good food?

These aspects of life ~ food, art, and the outdoors ~ always seem to work together for me. Do they for you? What did you do outside today? Did you make any art? What yummy thing did you eat for nourishment?

If you paint your own hiking boots, drop a comment or pic here, and on my YouTube channel. I’d love to see your artwork!

Yummily yours,

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