best way to sell on amazon - flexible, ethical, profitable

In 2012 I started selling on Amazon because I knew it was going to be the best way for me to make a good living from home so I didn’t have to go get a full time job somewhere and miss out on supporting my teenagers as they grew up.  

Whether your goal is to simply make a good straightforward income for your family, or like me, if you want to support small businesses, or both, this strategy is the best thing going right now.

There are lots of ways sell on Amazon – like by creating a private label product – but that costs more to get started, is more complicated, and carries more risk.  

By comparison, this way of selling on Amazon is manageable, can be done part-time, is not hard to learn, and can be done with minimal investment.

And if you want to consciously direct what kinds of businesses you work with, you can do that. I have an intro video about that here, and I’ve written a free e-book to help you. The free e-book is one of my gifts to you when you join as a Seeker.

At least once a year we have a free masterclass on this.  This is so good, I urge you to sign up now so you can hear right away about the next opening.